Data and Content Integration

A data driven combination of document management and data source viewing creates efficiencies and opportunities to enhance the viewer experience and improve productivity. Built-in workflows can simplify document review, approval, and supplying data to, or collecting data from workflow recipients.

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Bring control to content

Most organizations have documents of all types stored in many locations, using a variety of uncontrolled file and folder naming schemes, and no organization control. ImageMaker provides a structured but flexible document organization system linking all related documents to the data source. Documents can be located for viewing by searching for document content, filename, or key metadata fields either provided by data entry, or by direct integration with the data source.

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Document Scanning and Imaging

A requirement of any Document Management System, is the ability to contribute digitized electronic documents from paper source. ImageMaker comes with scanning functions that support a variety of desktop scanners, or multi-function departmental scanning devices. Turning paper into digital documents not only reduces the required storage space, but also simplifies document retrieval while at the same time provides an environmentally responsible initiative.

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ImageMaker Features

Built-in features to accommodate a variety of Document Management and Business Process Automation needs.

Incoming Inbox

ImageMaker Inbox is a temporary repository of incoming documents to be reviewed, routed for approval, annotated with notes, stamps, text, or a variety of other tools, renamed according to structured naming conventions and document type categories, and publishing to their final destination. Documents can be contributed by email, drag and drop, print to PDF, or scanned using a variety of twain compliant scanner devices.

Accounts Payable Automation

Any business requires efficient and timely processing of Accounts Payable Invoices, however this process usually involves cumbersome, mundane, and time consuming tasks to gather all related documents, route for approvals, and process into your ERP or Accounting systems, not to mention the time spend on gathering and viewing documents after processing for verification, payment analysis, or audit requirements. ImageMaker reduces the time and effort of this process by as much as 80%, improving efficiencies and productivity.

Document Scanning

Digital storage makes documents accessible quickly and easily without leaving your workstation, reduces storage space requirements, provides document security, and reduces your environmental impact.

Data Centric Document Access

Orders, Invoices, Waybills, Shipping Documents, Payments, and any other user definable document types are all organized and linked to the relative data such as provided by your ERP, Accounting, HR, or virtually any other data source. This allows locating data and documents using any relative key identifier such as Order Number, Invoice Number, Waybill Number, Order Date, Employee ID, or any other user definable key indexes. Enter the key identifier and all related documents are presented for viewing.